Dear Christkind, do not just bring stress to me

Christmas as a celebration of love? During the holidays solitude Often prevails, quarreling and stress, but this does not have to be. Learn how to make the next Christmas holiday different with little effort and a little awareness.

Films, advertising and media suggest the world to the holidays, which many still spend solitary or stressed. But why do we feel depressed, downcast, and contentious? It is mostly due to ourselves and our expectations. Christmas has evolved over the past few decades from a peaceful time to a stressful factor.

Christmas is not to blame

Every year it is the same: we fix ourselves too much on gifts and perfection. After work we rush through crowded shopping streets, we are afraid to forget something and feel as if we are always two steps too slow. On the actual Christmas day there is not much left of the initial anticipation, for we are inevitably falling into a lethargy. Totally exhausted and burnt out, we only think that we have to go through this madness only once a year.

Six tips against holiday frustration

  1. End with the gift madness
    Gifting should be a matter of heart! Many are given or given gifts, because it is a kind of duty, even among workers and persons who are not the closest circle. Gifts can be made by themselves and do not have to be expensive. Whoever prioritizes the person and thus breaks, to give to each and every one can use the won time to hand over the most intimate and dearest persons a well-considered present.
  2. Closing with expectation
    Restraining one’s own expectation can also color to other persons. A bit of serenity is good for all of us and the one or the other fat bowl can also be entertaining :-)
  3. Completion with overpipe
    This third point goes hand in hand with the previous one. Just be yourself at Christmas. Whoever is a mess during the year will not change for Christmas. And anyone who always makes everything perfect, should set limits. Is it always a gait more, the bigger tree or the larger gift than with the others? Exactly.
  4. End the counseling
    On the festive table and under the Christmas tree the whole family comes together, also the people with whom one understands less, one does not see so often or which tick completely different. Take back, practice tolerance, and let Uncle Peter take the last word-you will not be able to change him.
  5. No more emotional blackmail
    Not only parents should stop their children emotionally, even among friends and acquaintances this is widespread. Conclusion with bad blood and passive aggressiveness. Take a Christmas feast without if-you-do-not-then-sentences.
  6. No more involuntary
    Finally, a simple but more effective advice: Do only what you want and renounce involuntary behavior.