Mag. Alexander Felsenberg

Berlin, Deutschland
Mag. Alexander Felsenberg


Decisions, Orientation, Entrepreneurship, Job interview, Career Development, Leadership, Motivation, Communication, Time management, Sales, Presentation

About me

30 Jahre Internetunternehmen, Agenturen, Medien, Customer-Service
20 Jahre Beratung von Geschäftsführeren von Start-Ups, Agenturen, Medien und Verbänden


English, German, Czech

Work Experience

Ich arbeite in Deutsch und Englisch gleichermaßen, deshalb mein Beschreibung hier auf Englisch.

I am a digital strategist & engager, corporate & business developer, lobbyist & networker and an advocate for customer & employer centric development.

I coach/consult, since I want to support individuals (founders, leaders, manager, employees) to get things accomplished in a way that makes them, their stakeholder and their team feel good and proud.
That means help to avoid usual pitfalls in
- Insight
- Analytic
- Foresight
- Communication
- Sales
- Negotiation
- Appreciation

Within more than 22 years working experience in the digital field, I have seen, experienced and learned the challenges and opportunities that digitalization holds for the different business sectors and the departments (marketing, PR, sales, customer services and HR) within a company.
As an avid speaker, networker and a “man of action” for the digital cause, I have profound experience in strategy development, service/product creation, marketing, customer engagement, sales and lobbying in Continental Europe, Africa and the Middle East in the following areas: Media, Advertising, Solar, Government, Luxury Goods, Retail/e-Commerce, Events/Fairs.
Through my longtime experience as a mentor for start-up´s in different accelerators (i.g. Axel Springer´s Plug & Play), I help to create sustainable companies for the challenges of tomorrow.
Being a founder and investor myself I see the opportunities and also the challenges for businesses and society through digitalization, therefore I am actively involved in different NGO, such as:
- German Digital Economy Association (BVDW) e.V. -
(Founder & Honorary Member)
- UN World Summit Award (WSA) -
(The UN e-Content & App Award for supporting the UN-Sustainable Millennium Goals: Board Member)
- WSA Germany - (German WSA Nomination Committee: Chairman)
- German IPv6 Council - (Founder & Member)
- German Press Association BJV. e.V. (Member)
- Location-Based Marketing Association (DACH)- (Founder)
- Self Controlling Body for Internet Content - (Founder)
- Axel Springer´s Accelerator „Pug´n Play“ (Mentor)


Studium: Kommunikation & Psychologie Magister
Prince 2
Design Thinking
Mentor Axel Springer Plug & Play


Felsenberg c/o Sternwald GmbH, Kantstraße 31, 10625 Berlin, S-Bahn Savigny Platz

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