Ing,PhD Mario Alkassiri

Žilina, Slovakia
Ing,PhD Mario Alkassiri


Stress, Decisions, Conflict, Entrepreneurship, Job interview, Career Development, Motivation, Communication, Presentation

About me

My name is Mario Alkassiri and a couple of years ago I have set up a company for coaching and learning languages all around the world.

I coach people from all kinds of professional and cultural backgrounds. If someone would ask me the question: what will you do if money will not exist I will do what I am doing right now. I shall mentor people and help them build wings to fly. I can’t fly for them, but I can encourage them to do it. I have been mentoring since I was 14 and so I don't really follow any books or rules as every issue in our life has a different solution. 


-Studied in Dubai for 7 years
-Studied in Prague for 2 years
-Finished PhD in Slovakia
-Worked in Finland for the embassy and an innovation centre
-UN in Austria
-Invited by OECD Paris
-Received over 18 certificates for publications all around the world (web of science)
-Participated as an active presenter in international conferences
-Received a certificate for my own patent
and so on and so on but all of this is not important in life. I only wanted to challenge myself!

There is no difference between you and me there is no teacher and student there is only you and me. If I was able to do it you can do it too! No matter from what background you come, what age you have. I have achieved all of that during my broken time, no money in my pocket, no specific plan. 

-We shall go down this path together and I shall show you how to leave your comfort zone.
-I shall teach you how to motivate yourself.
-How to challenge yourself.
-How to explore life within you
and so on, depending on what issues you are facing in life.
As I said there is no formula to follow :-). It’s hidden inside of you. So either you are not looking or you are looking but you don't see it :-).
Last thing! Don't be too serious about life have a big smile - if you are able to see this platform and my letters there then you are alive :-).
What a huge gift was given to you!

Don't be shy I won't test you in English I am not native :-). By the way I mentor people always in English specially because its foreign language for them. By talking to third language means you are changing your habit (leaving comfort zone) and not thinking as you were thinking and becoming a third party. In simple words you will start to look at your problem in different perspective.

Looking forward to go through your life journey.


English, Slovak

Work Experience

-university teacher
-Embassy in Finland


-Ing (management, marketing, economy)
-PhD ((intellectual property, innovation, knowledge-based economy))

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