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Buckenhof, Germany
Cristina Muehl


Entscheidungen, Neuorientierung, Konflikt, Gründung, Bewerbung, Karriereentwicklung, Mitarbeiterführung, Motivation, Kommunikation, Zeitmanagement, Verhandlung, Sales, Präsentation

Über mich

Who am I?
My experience of 15 years in audit, advisory, and compliance leading and growing teams, working in more than 10 countries on 3 continents, implementing solutions in diverse markets and corporations of different sizes, has allowed me to build a truly unique mix of skills and knowledge.
As a leader in the field of coaching, I have worked with individuals and teams to enhance their skills and support them in reaching their objectives.

My strong belief is that in order to achieve your goals you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. By allowing yourself to be uncomfortable you are engaging your existent skills and building new ones. Hence, getting yourself closer to reaching your goals and potential.

What do I do?
For existent or aspiring coaches: ACTP/ ACSTH coach training provided under SolutionsAcademy for coaching fundamentals, coaching in organizations, team coaching, business development mastermind or onboarding to ICF; Mentor coaching and coach supervision.
For organizations: Supporting organizations to get from the current status to the desired future and have more clarity on the steps that will bring them there using team coaching; roundtables on defining organizational vision and future; change management facilitation; leadership workshops; communication workshops.
For individuals: business coaching; career coaching; 1 to 1 coaching on topics related to personal growth, decision coaching or clarifying diverse topics related to the professional or personal life; mentoring for compliance, risk management, and audit professionals.

What you should expect?
I’m a supporter of starting any relation on a solid foundation of trust and psychological safety. That is why the first step is to set up a call to ensure we can work together.
Studies showed that the benefits generated by investing in coaching employees are beyond the cost of services (ICF 2009). The same feedback, I have received from my corporate customers also. They would describe me as an Expert, Motivator, and Optimist. I find that these characteristics mixed with my experience, expertise, and certifications bring a unique value to individuals and organizations.


Englisch, Deutsch, Romanian


Country Director

Company Name

Nov 2020 – Present
Transform SolutionsAcademy into your one stop online shop to coach certification in Romania.
Coaching Fundamentals, Coaching in Organisations, Team Coaching, Onboarding to ICF

Business & Leadership Coach | Team Coach
Cristina Mühl Coaching & Consulting Freelance
Jun 2018 – Present
I support audit and compliance professionals to reach a higher level of performance and by like this speed up their career path.
As a professional myself, I fully understand and can relate to the topics faced by auditors and compliance professionals. With topics ranging from improving opening meeting presentations, communication with top management, team efficiency to career planning, there is a broad range of topics that can be addressed to enhance skill set.
Using solution-focused coaching techniques, the aim is at designing a customized approach using your existing resources and past successes.

Senior SOX Analyst
Sep 2016 – Apr 2019
Location Global SOX PMO
As Senior SOX Analyst, SOX Compliance PMO, I support the global SOX program efforts including scoping, planning, execution, reviews and assessments to comply with applicable Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.
Some of the responsibilities associated with the role include:
• Assist in providing SOX technical research to identify updates, guidance and interpretation of the regulations
• Inform management and key process owners of relevant SOX requirements
• Provide support for external auditor reliance on internal audit work for SOX compliance
• Perform walkthroughs of key controls over financial reporting, as needed
• Perform testing of key controls over financial reporting as needed
• Review documentation updates of business processes and related controls to support process owners with their responsibility for adequate/optimal control design
• Support the preparation of SOX compliance and status reporting, including write-up of deficiencies as needed
• Assist in the review of responses to control deficiencies to validate proper classification for evaluation (i.e. D, SD, MW).
• Assist in developing, communicating and continually updating enterprise risk assessment efforts.

Senior Corporate Internal Auditor EMEA
Delphi Corporation
Mar 2010 – Sep 2016
Member of the internal audit team reporting to directly to the EMEA Director, involved in the different projects such as:
• Plan and perform operational and financial audits
• Evaluate internal controls
• Prepare audit reports detailing the issues identified, risks and recommendations
• Maintain contact with management and discuss the issues identified
• Perform Sarbanes Oxley audits
• External audit reliance testing
• Special investigation projects
• Project administration

Assistant Manager, Advisory
Sep 2006 – Oct 2010
Annual Audit, Forensic, Actuarial, Business Performance Advisory and EU funding Services for clients in various industries
• Business plans and feasibility studies within different sectors.
• Audit of several Top 5 Romanian insurance companies within Non-Life and Life market as well as all subsidiaries of international insurance companies
• Audit at several Top 10 banks on the Romanian market
• Actuarial reviews for various insurance companies with focus on reserves and reserving methodology
• IAS 19 – “Employee benefits” provision assessment engagements
• ACCA trainer for the last two years


Narrative Coaching (SolutionsAcademy; February - April 2021)
Enhancing the coaching the "who" skills

Coaching in Organisations (SolutionsAcademy; April - December 2020)
Leadership coaching, team coaching, conflict coaching

Solution Focused Coaching (SolutionsAcademy; March - December 2019)
Coaching competencies, ICF core competencies, Solution Focused Framework

Certified Accountant (ACCA; 08/2015, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
International accredited qualification in international accredited Accounting and International Financial Reporting program.

Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business (01/2014, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA; 04/ 2013, The Institute of Internal Auditors)
International accredited certification evaluation of the components that comprise an organization’s governance and enterprise risk management program and provide advice and assurance around these issues.

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA; 01/2011, The Institute of Internal Auditors)
International accredited certification on internal audit practices demonstrating the competency and professionalism in the field.
Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA; 03/ 2010, The Institute of Internal Auditors)
International accredited certification on internal audit practices. CFSA is one of The IIA's specialty certifications that measures an individual's knowledge of, and proficiency in, audit principles and practices within the banking, insurance, and securities financial services industries.

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE; 12/2009, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)
The credential denotes proven expertise in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence. CFEs are trained to identify the warning signs and red flags that indicate evidence of fraud and fraud risk, help uncover fraud and implementing processes to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place.

Master in Project Management (10/2006 - 03/2008; Academy of High Economical Studies, Bucharest, Romania)
Master Degree on project management including project planning, project quality management and project controlling. Master thesis with focus on Risk Management.

Bachelor of Arts (Economics) (10/2001 - 03/2006, Academy of High Economical Studies, University of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economical IT, Bucharest, Romania)
University Bachelor Degree with majors in Information Technology including informatics and programming and business economics.

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) (10/2001 - 06/2005, University of Mathematics and Informatics, Bucharest, Romania)
University Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics with majors in probabilities, statistics and linear programming. All studies in English.


Brucker Weg 25a, 91054, Buckenhof, Germany

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