Fil Guijarro

Berlin, Deutschland
Fil Guijarro


Gründung, Sales

Über mich

Fil has spent over 10 years in the startup scene in Berlin. In this time, he has worked to internationalize startups once they have found success in the German market. Today Fil specializes in helping digital companies in various countries to acquire, train, and manage multinational sales teams, in order to position themselves strategically. From his point of view, internationalization is 5% localization – 95% sales!

As a sales expert, Fil delivers workshops to empower founders on the topic of Sales, and he also acts as an interim sales director for selected clients. Fil has helped dozens of companies over the years, and actively participates as a mentor in a handful of accelerator programs and as a lecturer within the startup ecosystem.

Fil has been a sales-oriented individual from the start, growing up around a sales and marketing-based family business, established by his father 50 years ago. Fil is from El Paso, on the US-Mexico border, and a graduate of the Mendoza College of Business of the University of Notre Dame in the US.


Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch, Mandarin, Spanisch


Sales Consultant, Mentor & Speaker - Self employed
Techstars - Mentor
Startupbootcamp - Mentor
Startup Wiseguys - Mentor
Flat6Labs - Mentor
HarbourSpace University - Faculty


Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Notre Dame, USA

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