MBA, EDMS, BA(Hons) Fonnie Wong

Hong Kong,
MBA, EDMS, BA(Hons) Fonnie Wong


Stress, Entscheidungen, Neuorientierung, Konflikt, Karriereentwicklung, Mitarbeiterführung, Motivation, Kommunikation, Präsentation

Über mich

I believe that we are all intrinsically learning and growing through inner wisdom, humanity and love while living our lives with joy, hope, meaning and purpose. I co-create with the clients to reflect from the heart, to explore and enrich from the integration of Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit aspects with more possibilities.

As a Coach, I am experienced in integrating dynamic mind-body-emotion approaches and psychometric tools, like Workplace Big-5 Profile™, Character Strengths, DISC, Emotional Intelligence, NLP tools, etc. into the one-on-one, group coaching and career transition session. I facilitate the clients in knowing deeper themselves, becoming more aware and communicating congruently to unleash potentials and perform the best at work. In brief, my specialties are Executive & Leadership Coaching, People Relationship, EQ, Communication and Wellness.

Due to my commitment and devoted efforts over the past decade in launching coaching and propelling people development in corporation and community, my company is awarded as:
-【Most Talented Coaching Leaders in Hong Kong】presented by World HRD Congress, CHRO Asia and World Federation of Human Resources Professionals
- 【2018 Coaching Elite - Leading Coach from Hong Kong】presented by CV Magazine AI Global Media

For facilitation, I am focusing at people development such as Communication, EQ, Leadership, Self-Management, Relationship Management, Mind-Body-Emotion, Employee Wellness, etc. I am a Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer from The International Society of Neuro-Semantics®, Certified Trainer on Enriching Relationship from Virginia Satir Global Network, Certified EQ Practitioner from Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, etc.

Per language talent, I used to partner with the worldwide well-known & respected Master Trainers, as their Simultaneous Interpreter to co-run the Leadership workshops together. As a nature-lover, I enjoy practicing tai-chi, hiking, any organic activities and tends to eat environmentally friendly. As a performing art-lover, I like singing, drama and painting.


Englisch, Mandarin


I am an Executive Coach & Trainer focusing on People Development, Integral Wellness & Organizational Effectiveness who came with over 20 years diverse ranges of Organizational Development, HR Management, Talent Management & Succession Planning, Learning & Development and Consultancy experience spanning across Asia Pacific countries.

I founded my own consultancy company in 2009 with the mandate of promoting heightened self-awareness via coaching to businesses, schools and community.


Professional Academic Qualifications
- Master of Business Administration, The Northumbria University
- Executive Diploma in Management Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
- BA (Hons), The Hong Kong University

Credentials as a Coach
- Associate Certified Coach (ACC)™ from The International Coach Federation
- Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) ™ from The International Society of Neuro-Semantics®
- Group & Team Coach from The International Society of Neuro-Semantics®
- Certified Transformative Coach from The Coach Masters Academy
- Professional Member from Hong Kong International Coaching Community
- Member from The International Coach Federation

Credentials as a Trainer
- Certified Neuro-Semantic & NLP Trainer, The International Society of Neuro-Semantics®
- Certified Trainer Psycho-educational Enriching Program, Virginia Satir Global Network
- Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher, Peter F. Drucker Academy
- Certified NLP Master Practitioner, ISNS® & The American Board of NLP
- Certified EQ Practitioner, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network
- Certified Facilitator, Workplace Big-5 Profile™, Paradigm Personality Labs
- Certified Behavioral Consultant-DISC, The Institute for Motivational Living
- Certified Trainer & International Consultant of Everything DiSC®
- Certified Facilitator, Managing Professional Growth® & Helping Other Success®, BlessingWhite
- Certified Facilitator, Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, Copeland Center for Wellness & Recovery
- Certified Trainer in Wellness Exercises via Meridian Channels
- Certified Hypnotherapist, American Board of Hypnotherapy
- Certificate of Completion, 8-Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program
- Certified OH Cards Facilitator by OH Founder Supervision, OH Institute Germany


22/F, On Hong Commercial Building, 145 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

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