Dipl. Math. iris-clermont Clermont

Kranzberg, Deutschland
Dipl. Math. iris-clermont Clermont


Stress, Entscheidungen, Konflikt, Bewerbung, Karriereentwicklung, Mitarbeiterführung, Motivation, Kommunikation, Zeitmanagement, Präsentation

Über mich

Auf Basis von 25 Jahren Erfahrung in 20 Ländern, der Arbeit mit internationalen Teams und Organisationen sowie als Expertin für Telekommunikationskompetenz biete ich Ihnen Coaching und Consulting-Programme für Ihre Führungskräfte, Projektmanager und -teams.
Um Ihren Mitarbeiter in einem geschäftlichen Umfeld, das durch turbulente Veränderungen geprägt ist, effektiv und langfristig zum Erfolg zu führen, erarbeiten wir gemeinsam eine für Sie passende Vorgehensweise:

von einer fehlenden lösungfokussierten Zielorientierung vor, während und nach
einer Umstrukturierung oder einem Merger -> hin zu einer Organisation, die
proaktiv die Unternehmensziele umsetzt.

von der Situation der Überlast, in der alles erste Priorität hat und E-Mails nicht mehr abgearbeitet werden können -> hin zu einer klar kommunizierten Darstellung und Umsetzung der Prioritäten, die sowohl der Kunden als auch der Aktionärs sowie der langfristigen Unternehmensstrategie dienen.

von gegenseitigen Schuldzuweisungen über Abteilungsgrenzen hinweg, von langjährig bestehenden Konflikten -> hin zu einer gemeinsamen, wertschätzenden, motivierenden Zusammenarbeit, in der die Einzel- und Teamstärken optimal genutzt
… damit Ihre unternehmerischen und persönlichen Ziele Realität werden!


Englisch, Deutsch



„Thank you for anchoring sustainably reliability and commitment in our team, allowing us to improve internal collaboration and quality as outcome.”

Bodo Heckmann Senior Engineer Artelis Group Luxembourg Februar 2018

“Thanks a lot for your excellent support for our teams during the previous year. You have caused a lot of positive changes.”

Gritje Meinke Team Lead Software Drägerwerk AG & Co. KgaA, Januar 2018

" Please allow me to thank you personally for your moderation raised our leadership team topic reliability and commitment from all different perspectives during the coaching program. My personal conclusion: The team and individual sessions during the coaching program strengthened our leadership team communication, our trust and commitment. Thanks a lot for making this possible. I hear ‚ reliable, commitment daily from my leadership colleagues.“

Mike Kasel Team Leader I&C Field Operations Luxembourg Artelis Group Januar 2018

“The extremely professional coaching and her empathy impressed me. The right questions, the appropriate sound were always aligned to my individual needs. I can recommend Iris Clermont 100% as a business coach.“

Galina Ellis Carrier Manager Telefonica Januar 2018
" Hello, I have been working with Iris over the last months in which she has been helping certain members of my team to tackle specific aspects of their leadership& management skills from a coaching perspective. During this time I have been able to see how good progress has been achieved. Certainly I would recommend Iris for coaching sessions to improve management skills, specially for new managers. Jaime.."

Jaime Lluch, Director Radio Access Network at Telefonica Germany, April 2017

"Iris succeeds with her gentle nature bringing out husky insights from each coaching program participants. Participants achieve their own insights on their own authentic paths via purposeful, target oriented questions from Iris. Iris focus is always based on the company benefits, profits and successes. This evokes the best direction orientation for the participant's mindset and behaviours.."

Franz Erhart, Group Leader RAN Planning South, Telefónica Germany 27.2.2017

"It was not only a pleasure to be coached by Iris, it was also tough work. She addressed topics open and honest and that way I could develop with her coaching. Many thanks Iris"

Bernd Bergmann, Group Leader Radio Network Planning, Telefónica Germany 17.3. 2017

"The 'Leadership in turbulent times' session has been a real benefit for me. I received a great deal of thought provoking impulses and I got aware of analogies between my private business best practices, that I did not know before. This awareness and learnings will help me definitely to become even more successful and without loosing fun out of my eyes. Thanks a lot."

Peer Minneker, Team Manager EAR Radio Network Planning E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH 10.8.2016

"I highly recommend Iris to support any transformation program, especially when it comes to teams going through professional storms putting stress into work and life balance.
Iris utilises a specially tailored methodology that is supported in a wealth of experience in her field, personal communication, total honesty, transparency and tools that help the team members recognise the current challenging situations and work their way out to the best possible scenario.
In my experience working with Iris, I have seen teams members part of the “Be more” program, overcoming challenging situations and achieving the next level of mind-set growth. Not only results have been proven valuable but also have enabled me and my team to be prepared for future challenges, especially where the delivery pressure can sometime be too much.”

Dipl.Ing. MBA. Carlos Rafael Anriquez,Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG Head of Mobile Access Engineering - EAT Network Technology Unit 3.2.2016
"The cooperation to optimise the teamwork and solve existing team conflicts was extremely helpful. The sessions brought clarity as well as structure to the line of action and for the target setting though unemotional analysis of the situation leading to the core of the problem and therewith to the method for the solution.
Therefore, cordial thanks and I will reconnect with great trust in the event of further requirements."

Dr. Stefana Ferencz, Zahnärztin, Praxisgemeinschaft Karlsfeld 25.4.2016

"The Coaching was extremely focused and by accompanying the daily business very solution oriented. Especially I could take with me many points in the organizational area and integrate them into my daily work. Furthermore, the coaching discussions have been very helpful for the successful realization of my projects. I can absolutely recommend the coaching."

Sebastian Zaege, Carrier Manager Coordinator Telefonica Germany 18.4 2016

“The Coaching was really excellent and I am thinking very often backwards to the sessions – those are having a great positive impact until now.”

Markus Busche, Wholesale & Business Support Telefonica Germany 22.4 2016

"I had the privilege of working with Iris on a Business Process Consulting assignment relating to the Network Operations in a newly merged telecomms environment.

The merger introduced new technologies and at the same time required a more simplified and effective approach to realise the expected business benefits of the new operation which included a goal to achieve market leading network performance.

Iris whilst already possessing good understanding of the likely outcome took time to gain a more detailed appreciation of the situation. This she did this by taking into account overall business needs, current operations set-up and challenges down to the needs of teams and individuals.

It was her consultative approach combined with emotional and clear analytical intelligence that achieved a win-win outcome at all levels in a potentially conflicting environment.

Highly recommended approach and attitude and intelligence."

Mark Guilfoyle, Ericsson Program Director Systems Integration 4.1.2016
“It was a pleasure to work with Iris during several on the job coaching sessions. Iris helped me to achieve my personal and project targets with her provisional coaching approach. The direct feedback from Iris helped me to define the next steps on my roadmap. The continual improvement approach from Iris way of working has given direct impact in the next project, vendor or customer meetings. In retrospect Iris help me to improve my skill in moderation presentation and communication. The training has given me the tools and techniques I need to be more efficient and visible project manager, thanks a lot!”

Marcus Binder, Senior Program Manager Telefonica Germany 26.11.2015

"Thank you very much for support my team and me in the last two years. The strength of Iris is the in Inlife Coaching in communication and process skills to increase the effort of the teams and individual colleagues. Iris is doing the coaching inside the organization with real problems in the day-to-day business. I saw a huge difference to traditional management trainings, because it's reality. I had some management trainings in the past, but the big disadvantage was always the"'virtual" examples of the daily business. Iris is challenging the participants in mindset, behavior and self-reflection. It was great to observe the change of the individuals during the coaching program. I personally learned to see the "world" from different perspectives (political, technical, financial,...) to get a better understanding of complex dependencies. The result of the program are more open minded and well connected colleagues in the complete organization, especially during the merge situation with a lot of changes in a short time."

Frank Duderstadt, Telefonica Germany Head of Transport 26.4.2015

"It has been a pleasure working with Iris in our team. Her very professional approach created a high value in the mindset as well as in the performance of the team during a challenging time of transition. A great differentiator to conventional trainings and seminars was the hands-on coaching of the team based on specific topics in our day-2-day business. With her excellent social skills she really helped the team to improve and perform from good to great."

Karsten Erlebach, Manager IP & Optical Networks Telefonica Germany, Mai 11 2015

"My personal experience with trainings on social skills is that it is difficult to transfer what you learned in the training to your day to day work. The coaching approach of Iris overcomes this disadvantage by doing the training integrated in the daily work environment and therefore launching a continuous improvement. What makes Iris so special is the combination of her in depth knowledge of the Telco industry combined with her substantial experience in coaching."

Benjamin Stetter, Project Manager Telefonica Germany, Mai 13 2015

"With competence, individual awareness and with empathy, Iris guided me through the jungle of my first project. I was enabled to recognize my strengths and could use them purposeful with her support. The view beyond the edge of the table and the organized best practices experience with other project managers provided me with new insights. The program gave a real added value to my personal and professional development. Thanks a lot once again for your support. I will approach all upcoming tasks full of self confidence. I hope my director will continue with the program. "

Silke Scheler, Project Manager Radio Access Telefonica Germany, Mai 04 2015
"Iris helped me and the organisation in thinking about our strengths and weaknesses. Her patience and attention during our meetings made the team reflect about the areas where we had chances for improvement on the actions required to make the change happen and on the right attitude to face them. She has got to create a positive thinking environment in the organization, pushing people to reflect on their behavior and performance as individuals and as a team. The result is an overall increase in positive mindset , confidence and optimistic attitude in front of the strong challenges that our unit faces. Iris has supported me personally in organizing and driving this change and we have got them feel part of it "

Juan Carlos Garcia, VP Engineering Access and Transport Telefonica Germany, March 16 2014

"It was great having this high professional support from Iris on our site by creating a new department with its organizational content from scratch. She helped to identify and to keep focus on the essential things during our finding phase. As a result we created a high performing team integrated in a complex environment. Focus, Spirit, fun and personal engagement have been the ingredients we worked together. Thanks Iris for your extraordinary engagement and your high professional support."

Christoph Mändl, Head of Delivery Office Telefonica Germany 10.2.2014

"many thanks for supporting my department over the last 2,5 years! Below please see my appraisal to you!
Iris worked with us from April 2012 to November 2014 mainly as Program Manager and as Coach for Project Managers and Teams. I very appreciate her congenialness, her empathy and her communication skills, parallel with her sharp intellect, which together are the basis for her ability to create an atmosphere of openness, trust, and which is focused on performance and target achieving, even under difficult circumstances. This abilities helped her to support us in optimizing our rollout delivery with even target overachievement, in developing a process transformation strategy with enterprise evaluation results, and above all in stabilizing several projects as e.g. the �speed up ordering� project, which is key for target achievement.
Particularly I very much appreciate her always pleasant way to pro-actively and permanently push us and remember us to take action.
Me and my project managers and colleagues liked working with her very much, and we would be glad to win her again to support us as well for forthcoming challenging projects! "

Josef Gigl, Head of Networks Project and Process Management Telefonica Germany 30.11.2014

"I'm happy and proud about our cooperation, and the achieved goal Honestly, at the begining, I was more then sceptism. Now I can recommend everyone, who wants to enlarge, increase, improve, ... himself, the team or company skills, mindset, methodes, ..., and so on, to use your professionel cooperate."

Matthias Johannes, Gruppenleiter Special Solutions bei Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG, December 19 2013
"Iris did a great job within a team that worked together for the very first time for a challenging task. I very much appreciate the professional standards of Iris, her expertise and her commitment for results. "

Anja Henke, Managing Director Carpe Viam, Nov 9, 2012,

"Iris made a team coaching in our company. It was impressive to see how fast she could analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our team just by asking good questions and listening to the team. She not only made very helpful suggestions how we could improve our team work but also encouraged the team members to create their own ideas. I would really recommend Iris since she is a highly-qualified team coach."

Stefan Sinnwell, CEO consistec Engeneering & Consulting GmbH 08.09.2010

"WIth her excellent social skills, Iris managed a process change project for me.
She handled the project by focusing on people and teams and steered the different minds by asking questions and listening to the answers. It was really amazing for me to see, how she energized the people and the team to find their own solutions, when she moderated the discussions.
I really would like to work with Iris in future projects."

Ralf Paas, VP T-Mobile International 05.05.2010

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
“Time is something, I take care about. I am often busy, so I think twice how to spent my time. Two one hour coachings helped me to - get a clear view of myself - reflect my outcome to others - fill up energy - create a vision Two hours with lasting effects for my daily work. Two hours with lasting effects for my life. Thank you!”

Carsten Plischke, T-Mobile International, 01.03.2010

"it's fun working in a team with Iris, and she get's things done on a positive way."

Wilbert van der Star, engineer, KPN (colleague) worked directly with you. 2009
“Iris has delivered high value services to clients to help us successfully deliver Opex Reduction projects. Iris has taken ownership and led the people and process orientated tasks and workstreams to successful conclusion whilst maintaining full compliance to the overall projects goals and methodology. We highly recommend Iris to other clients who require process re-engineering projects in the Telco domains. She is able to quickly win trust of employees and utilise this fully yet sensitively within a project goal. Many thanks, Neil”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Neil Thorley, hired Iris as a Business Consultant in 2008, 09.04.2008

I had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with Iris several times on different project in different countries in the past. I hope I will have again the opportunity to work with her in the future. Iris is really professional; she impressed me so often with her soft skills, her capability to make peoples working together and communication is one of Iris’ strength.".

Jean-Marc Guillemoto, Project Manager for Nokia Siemens Networks

It is a pleasure to work with Iris, very professional in communication, bringing, people together. like to work with here in the future.

Marco Geurden, Change Radio director, KPN (business partner) 20.03.2009

Congratulations to all of you for this important achievement, this is a great result!
Considering that this was the first project of this kind in wse, delivered with such a mix of country/regional/global team with different background, and that it has also allowed to build new competency in our region, I cannot be more satisfied.
Thanks and all the best for upcoming AR cases in WSE!

Emanuelle Drera, NSN WSE manager for VF Italy consultant project´,12.12.2008

"Iris is very good at communication and bringing people together. With her excellent soft skills she is able to overcome communication problems between different groups or inside a single
group.The mentiones skilles are also an advantage in the area of Project Management."

Dirk Kilian, (NSN global consultant) 24.12.2008
I particular, they liked very much the Process WorkStream (".. It's the first time we have been proposed such an approach…we appreciated that very much"), so thanks Iris !

Fabio Di Sarno, NSN about a project with VF Italy in Milano, 29.9.2008

"I know Iris as an energetic and likable person. I always enjoyed working with her. She is a great team player doing her job very professionally.”

Hermann Dingels, Ericsson 23.9.2008

“Iris was guiding a group of us nicely thru a team building. She managed that this group discovered quite unknown personal but nevertheless useful qualities. Unfortunately the time we speed was far too short...”

Ralf Rehbock, Care Program Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks, 13.05.2008

“Iris is very professional and sympathetic person that really can cope with different people. It was really pleasure to see her in action with our customers. I think she is one of the best what she is doing. It is pleasure to know her.” May 14, 2008

Kari Stenman, Senior Solutions Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks, 14.05.2008

All participants have spoken very positive about the event and the practice exercises. We have reached that the in some areas existing well networking team to bring even closer together, to connect contacts and to build trust. Out of this event and of the team a working team has been established, who are focusing on a special operative subject (best practice sharing).
Interesting Experience – all positive – about the working methods of the other team members has been raised up. Some of my direct reports will use the trust building exercise in their team, which underlines the
Many thanks for the successful seminar and your coaching, we are looking forward for further cooperation!

Ralf Hetkamp, Head of Care Sub-Region Central Germany Nokia Siemens Networks, 09.05.2008

In the 6 years we have worked together, I would describe Iris’ working style as a blend of results-based professionalism with warmth and empathy. In the numerous projects we have worked on together over the years, Iris has consistently earned respect for her hard work and openness. She is an excellent listener, highly motivated and a real playmaker. In the role of consultant or facilitator, Iris is an asset to any project team because she can easily bring out the best in others around her to achieve excellent results

John Nicol (Nokia Siemens Networks) 01.04.2008

" Our reliability has been improved with the team and individual session for our leadership team from 5,3 to 6,8 and our leaders are implanting the solution oriented approach from the team exercises into the daily collaboration. "

Georges Muller Geschäftsführer Artelis Group Luxembourg Januar 2018

"The idea sounded promising, to coach employees instead of giving trainings. The preparation was extremely professional and the cooperation with the employees humanly and target oriented. Our employees could additionally take a personal benefit. The combination of a professional coach and a styling consultant, with a huge background experience from the retail area and is aware of a lack of employees motivation, is impressive."

Bettina Dalm, CEO F.S. Kusterman GmbH München, Juli.2017


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