Diplom Wirtschaftsromanistin Stephanie Engler

Frisange, Luxembourg
Diplom Wirtschaftsromanistin Stephanie Engler


Stress, Entscheidungen, Neuorientierung, Konflikt, Mindfulness, Karriereentwicklung, Mitarbeiterführung, Motivation, Kommunikation, Zeitmanagement

Über mich

I am passionate about personal development and genuinely interested in the human nature. My clients consider me as a catalyst for their own development. I partner with them in overcoming their limited beliefs and internal roadblocks, in moving forward to their goals and in getting the results they want and the outcomes they deserve. As an emotional intelligence coach, I allow them to raise their self-awareness and to improve their self-management as well as to shift their perspectives with new possibilities and opportunities for their own decisions and actions. I demonstrate confidence and adaptability in working with strong emotions especially with people who have to deal with stress and/or lack self-confidence and self-esteem. I have also the ability to establish a safe and supportive environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust. I am deeply convinced that coaching should be part of everybody’s life hygiene such as going to the hairdresser and that ongoing personal development provides us the opportunity to reveal our full potential and live a happy and fulfilled life.


Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch


Born in Germany in 1970, bilingual in German, French and fluent in English, I have over 20 years of experience in the financial sector and have managed several teams for more than a decade. As a team manager I realized that I am passionate about human nature and behaviours as well as interpersonal communication and relationships between people.
I have been a professional coach for seven years and an ICF Associated Certified Coach PCC) since 2020. Since 6 years I work as a Life Coach and since 5 years as internal coach for executive staff within an international bank in Luxembourg.
Next to individual coaching, I also facilitate codevelopment workshops and since one year I also offer team coaching sessions.


2016 Ausbildung zum Coach bei People Prime Time Luxemburg (ACTP zertifiziert)
2017 Master in Neurolinguistischer Programmation, People Prime Time Luxemburg
2018 Moderator von Codevelopment Workshops
2019 Coach in Emotionaler Intelligenz, ISEI, USA
2019 Praktiker Enneagramm, l’Institut Français de l’Ennéagramme Paris
2020 Praktiker in Akzeptant und Commitment Theorie, Centre de Psychologie Contextuelle Montréal
2020 PCC Zertifizierung durch ICF
2021 Ausbildung zum Lösungsorientierten Teamcoach, SolutionsAcademy Deutschland

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