Ms Sukh Mishraa

Delhi NCR, India
Ms Sukh Mishraa


Konflikt, Karriereentwicklung, Mitarbeiterführung, Kommunikation, Zeitmanagement

Über mich

I'm a Leadership coach with corporate background in Global Financial services and and IT Solutions multinational with 15 years + experience across three different countries. I've grown from a Hi-potential contributor to VP level, leading diverse teams in multi-cultural environment. I excel at High-value relationships that result in growth in revenue and portfolio values. Does that resonate with you?
I've been coaching leaders and other people practitioners in the APAC region , Europe and US since 2010. In industries such as IT, Finance and Healthcare. I support them so they "play their personal best" in their professional roles by deepening their learning about themselves and their thinking preferences. I challenge and support them in building behaviours, practices, habits that translates into them accessing more of who they are and living their fullest potential.
I am a Professional Certified CoachPCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Certified Coach Supervisor (EMCC)




Coaching Style : Partnership, Vision-Oriented, Leader-centred, Supportive and yet Challenging
Outlook : To me, effective coaching is about facilitating a personal inquiry about what's most important for the clients in a safe non-judgemental confidential space. When clients connect with their true sense of being, they draw on their strengths to re-claim their power to pursue their goals and passions.
They stop playing small and stand up to clam their magnificent selves.
My role as a coach is to be a mirror to reflect, act as a sounding board for clients to bounce off ideas and consider different perspectives in order to move forward confidently.
I believe "we can all do better" when supported by a coach; It provides an opportunity to "Pause" and "Refresh" your vision, "Reflect" on What matters. You get to explore the gaps, reset your compass, re-strategise your way -forward.


MBA in HR & Change Management
Coach Supervsior EMCC

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